Chemical Safety Services

SAHTECH operates the national helpdesk for occupational chemical safety and compliance for internationally emerging REACH-like regulation. We also operate the Chemical Substance Register Office (NCSR) on behalf of the MOL OSHA....

Electronic-related High-tech Safety Services

The supply of bulk hydrogen trailers and HCl cylinders were heavily reviewed. Water mist system was implemented to mitigate the dispersion of HCl in gas yard. The safety and effectiveness of ammonia-nitrogen abatement system...

Energy Saving and Facility Safety Services

Energy saving as well as facility safety was promoted through the improvement of ventilation, exhaust, compressed air and steam systems. A proprietary package of ventilation control system was installed in several electronic-related high-tech factories

Process Safety Management Services

Quantitative risk assessment of chemical piping safety and chemical transportation safety were provided in 2014. The security and safety assessment of refinery was also delivered. Utilizing Hazard and Operability Study (HazOp)