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Chemical Safety Services(2016/03/31)

SAHTECH operates the national helpdesk for occupational chemical safety and compliance for internationally emerging REACH-like regulation. We also operate the Chemical Substance Register Office (NCSR) on behalf of the MOL OSHA. It plays an important role in mobilizing technical supports to facilitate the process of national Existing Chemicals Nomination (ECN) program. There are 93,000 chemicals in the Taiwan Chemical Substances Inventory by 2014. A number of experts from Japan, Korea and Sweden were invited to hold chemical management seminars, including green chemistry and EU REACH, in 2014. Also local firms instantly received international regulation updates through SAHTECH short message service.

Technical services were also provided to numerous multinational chemical companies to comply with Taiwan’s GHS regulatory requirements. Some local chemical export companies contracted SAHTECH to help them meet the REACH-like regulations of other countries and international chemical banding treaties. SAHTECH helped member companies of Taiwan Responsible Care Association prepare and publish the first two copies of Chemical Safety Report, encouraged by Global Product Strategy of the International Council of Chemical Associations. SAHTECH also delivered chemical toxicity assessment and advanced chemical control banding for mixtures’ exposure.