News>KCMA and SAHTECH Signed Memorandum of Understanding on Chemical Management

KCMA and SAHTECH Signed Memorandum of Understanding on Chemical Management(2017/08/18)

Korea Chemical Management Association (KCMA) and Safety and Health Technology Center (SAHTECH) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Taipei, Taiwan on August 18th, 2017. The Memorandum aims to promote mutual cooperation between Taiwan and South Korea in the field of chemical management. Through this MoU, the stakeholders and companies can get a thorough understanding on the national regulations of chemical management in both countries, and it is expected to increase economic activity between Taiwan and South Korea.

KCMA is an institution that provides international chemicals regulations, chemical related information, education programs and supports for chemical industry in South Korea. In addition to the provision of information, KCMA also assists in the development of K-REACH, a national chemical registration program. KCMA participates in the national chemical management regulation project, assisting in the development of the Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemical Substances (ARECs), especially the join registration procedure, and helps the implementation of Chemicals Control Act. KCMA also supports chemical regulation compliance for small-to-medium enterprises and conducts researches on chemical management regulations and technical developments.

This MoU articulates the common goals of SAHTECH and KCMA.  Further cooperation shall focus on the chemical policy system of two countries, as well as important issues, such as source management, chemical products management, risk management and communication, etc. Two parties look forward to closer technical cooperation and experience exchange, which furthers sound chemicals management and promotes mutual business interest.

(From left to right: KCMA Vice President Mr. Joonki KIM and SAHTECH President Dr. Jung-Pin Yu)

(From left to right: KCMA Ms. Dahee Lee, Ms. Minjeong Park, Mr. Jaesung KIM, Vice President Mr. Joonki KIM;
SAHTECH President Dr. Jung-Pin Yu, Director of Chemical Safety Department Dr. Jowitt Li, Ms. Ellen Lin,
Ms. Yuchun Kuo, Ms. Chaowei Wu)