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Japan Nite and SAHTECH Signed MoU on Chemical Management(2015/04/09)

Japan’s National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (Nite) and SAHTECH signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Tokyo, Japan on March 26th , 2015. This memorandum aimed to enhance regional cooperation and contribution to risk-based safe chemicals management system. Under the MoU, the two countries will share information from chemicals assessments, such as that on Nite’s chemical risk information platform (Chrip), and on each country’s regulatory regimes. An information-exchange platform will be established to help interested stakeholders toward a comprehensive understating on national mandates of chemical management, and foster economic and trade relations between Taiwan and Japan.

A conference on Taiwan chemical management updates regarding chemical source control registration of MOL’s OSH Act, and EPA’s TCSCA was held in Japan on March 26th to mark the signing of the memorandum. Over 200 Japan-based companies attended this conference.

The conclusion of MoU between Taiwan and Japan confirms commitment to the common goals of SAHTECH and Nite, and will bring both sides with better understanding of actual implementation of chemical management in the two countries. Also future regular discussion on international important chemical management issues, such as SAICM, risk management and communication, and experience exchange and technical cooperation programs will further give full picture on chemical regulations and facilitate international harmonization.

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(Starting from the left: Mr. Fukushima, Deputy Director-General of Chemical Management Center,
NITE, Mr. Kii, Director-General of Chemical Management Center, NITE, Dr. Yu, President of SAHTECH, and Dr. Li, Director of SAHTECH)